SQdeal? 2.7" TFT 1080P FHD Car DVR Road Dash Digital
7" Inch Car Hd Stand/headrest Monitorwith Built-in Hd 7" Inch Car Hd Stand/headrest Monitorwith Built-in Hdmi(gray Brushed Surface) (Electronics) Product shipped prime! Always good. Product works great and the only draw back is that there isnt any anti-glare properties but all-in-all not a big deal. I havent used it with a sun shade yet but assume that would take care of the glare. Picture quality is good and the monitor offers good basic visual settings to get the appearance you are looking for. I use this monitor to get a bigger cleaner picture when I film football activities. Very happy so far with no complaints.
2) Kenwood KFC-W2513PS 10" 2000 Watt 4-Ohm Car Audio 2) Kenwood KFC-W2513PS 10" 2000 Watt 4-Ohm Car Audio Subwoofers Subs KFCW2513PS (Electronics) I bought these for my sons system to replace a pair of MTX (not top of the line) subs. While shopping I knew I wanted something obviously more durable than the MTXs and hopefully better quality sound. So the first thing I decided was I wanted at least a 2" voice coil which lends credibility to those ridiculous kilowatt power claims by so many speaker makers. Youd be surprised how many speakers wont publish their voice coil specs (which I take as a sign of embarrassment on their part) or how many "kW rated" speakers have only 1.5 or less. In my experience 1.5" voice coils dont do a lot of power in a 10" woofer and are more suited to 6.5" or maybe 8". So the Kenwoods came in at 50mm (2") and didnt seem to inflate their power ratings (600WRMS). Then I saw the price! I ordered and received them quickly. They look every bit like they will deliver as promised and are quite distinctive with the cone patterns. They went into a dual sealed box ~ 1.25 cu. ft. each. Driven in stereo (not bridged) by a Lanzar OPTIHC3502 2 Channel Digital High Current Full Range Power Amplifier (350W/channel). The improvement was immediate especially the clean. I dont enter competitions or try to break dB records so the system is just for a decent sound but it does get loud! What you get is low distortion deep clean bass and a few bucks left over. These are excellent speakers at $50 a pop.