Sony MEXN6000BH CD Car Stereo HD Receiver with Bluetooth Sony MEXN5000BT CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth NFC Pairing & App Remote SmartPhone Control (Electronics) Bought this to replace my Kenwood KDC-155U mainly to get access to more audio settings... didnt realize how powerful this unit is! Amazing control over the audio with a 10-band EQ individual speaker timing delays HP and LP crossovers with preset frequencies and slope adjustments and MP3 sound enhancement settings. It really makes my new setup sound equivalent to home-theater audio (yes it sounds that much better than the Kenwood over the same amp and speakers)The icing on the cake is the Sony App Remote that allows you to make all these adjustments through a smartphone (I have a Sony Xperia running Android 4.1). Bluetooth pairing is easy with NFC enabled just touch the volume control knob with the back of your phone and it pairs up in seconds. Attach the included mic and you get voice recognition over the app for audio (Pandora USB phone audio radio CD) navigation (with Google Maps) phone and text messaging. For example all I had to say was "Maps. Frys Electronics" and it set the destination with no issues at all. Making a call is equally easy it even recognized non-Anglo names in my phone book. Havent tried the text messaging function yet will report and update after a few weeks.Hands down an absolute marvel of technology at a reasonable price. Way to go Sony!Remember: READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY! a lot of buttons have multiple functions. amznJQ.onReady(jQuery function() { amznJQ.available(popover function() { var widgetDom = jQuery("#R9LJ7DXGYMAZY_imageSection_4D9B15E0-8524-11E4-9E9C-49936CA560E3") var images = widgetDom.find(".review-image-thumbnail") for (var c=0c
Kenwood DNN990HD eXcelon WiFi-Embedded In-Dash Receiver wi Kenwood DNN990HD eXcelon WiFi-Embedded In-Dash Receiver with Bluetooth (Electronics) Frankly I have always considered Kenwood to be a great brand and I have bought many things from them over the years. But now I am convinced that whomever is responsible for releasing the Kenwood DNN990HD before it was really ready for the retail market should consider a job transfer to the Kenwood mail room or somewhere else more suitable for someone who obviously does not understand that there is a need to release quality products that actually work on a reliable basis.First the "Route Collector" system has *never* worked for me and the alleged ability to put music into a dropbox account for sharing to your DNN990HD is a complete non-working failure.Next the version of Android which runs this unit is so limited that it is no better than having some other half-baked proprietary system installed. The "apps" that are included are klunky and slow to respond. There is no ability to load my own apps nor is there much capability for customizing my experience to what I want.Frankly for $2000+ as an installed product I expect a LOT more.Then just when I had resigned myself to the mediocrity which is the Kenwood DNN990HD I thought I saw hope in my future-- a firmware upgrade! I followed the instructions precisely and patiently waited for the 40 minute upgrade process to complete--only to find that ALL of my settings GPS favorites and anything else which was personalized--were GONE. BLANK SLATE. Really? What upgrade EVER wipes out all of a users settings preferences and saved data??What really scotched this unit for me is that about a week after re-creating ALL of my settings and favorites the unit just goes into an endless reboot cycle-- where it reinitializes and reboots over and over and over. Meanwhile my commute time is shrouded in the silence of my engine as I drive.I do NOT recommend this unit to anyone. So much promise so little delivered. Maybe Kenwood will get their heads out of the sand maybe not. I wish they would. Meanwhile my perception of Kenwood as a brand has gone from "upper tier" to "what kind of Wall-Mart grade crap do these people sell?"Do yourself a favor... watch and wait till Kenwood fixes this. Ive been an IT professional and executive for 20 years and I swear I have never seen a unit so NOT ready for market in my life.
BOSS Audio BV8970B In-Dash Single-Din 7-inch Motorized Det BOSS Audio BV8970B In-Dash Single-Din 7-inch Motorized Detachable Touchscreen DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player Receiver Bluetooth Streaming Bluetooth Hands-free with Remote (Electronics) I was real hesitant on ordering this radio from all the research I did on boss products but this one was the only one that had more positive things to say about it..... I ordered this radio it came real fast from hpp ... I hooked it up in a hour everything works ...USB works... DVD works ... Great sound.... Bluetooth works ...good quality screen shows well ... All around decent radio for the price its all I needed ... I would recommend it to a friend