Mfine Portable Mini USB FM Radio Speaker Music Player TF C Mfine Portable Speaker AM/FM Radio Music Player Micro SD/TF Card For PC iPod Phone (938B Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory) This is a very good MP3 player which includes FM/AM radio.I have used many high end Android phones etc but I needed something to play my MP3s from an SD card and this device does it really well.A few points that arent too apparent from the description:- The display is a simple LED display which goes off after 30-40 seconds to save power (excellent !)- The volume is an analog rotary on the side which is Awesome ! Some of the other devices which have a digital volume button either share it with track fwd/back (horrible) or dont go low enough (vol 1 is too loud). This one is perfect.- The ON/OFF switch on top is also perfect. No holding buttons for few seconds etc. It either switches the device on or the flashlight (not both at the same time).- Battery is removable a Nokia BL-5C which is easily available.- Hold the play button for a few seconds in FM (or AM) and it will scan and save the stations into memory. Then you can just punch in the memory channel directly or hit the FWD button to channel surf.- Good normal pull out Antenna ! Ironically this is missing from a lot of devices similar to this- The speaker is a traditional pocket radio speaker. No bass radiator etc and the volume is pretty loud (although within expectation).- Battery came fully charged and Ive used it for about 2 hours so far. I havent charged it yet.1 minor Con (for me thats a great positive): The micro-SD card when inserted goes in pretty deep. I had to use a small box cutter carefully to pull it out again. This maybe unique to the piece I have but Im glad its this way. I have 2 kids below 4 and thats 1 less thing that they can pull and yank.Its a very well built simple music player build quality is also pretty solid and no creaks or flex in the device.Hope the review helps !
Bracketron UNI-45-03-SW Satellite Radio Dash Mount Kit for Bracketron UNI-45-03-SW Satellite Radio Dash Mount Kit for GPS (Electronics) I got two of these one for my Jeep Liberty 4x4 2005 and the other for my Jeep Wrangler 4x4 2003. I was tired of having my iPod Classic in such windshield holders because when I go out to four wheel the often come off the windshield. I checked at Bracketons web site the recommended way to mount such brackets in each car and they work great.Just be aware that an iPod Classic wont fit if you have it protected with any kind of case take such case off before puting it on the holder. However Im sure you wont find anything better for this price!!
SQdeal? 2.7" TFT 1080P FHD Car DVR Road Dash Digital