5" High Resolution HD 800*480 (no 320*240) Car TFT LC 5" High Resolution HD 800*480 (no 320*240) Car TFT LCD Monitor Screen 2ch Video (Electronics) This is a handy little monitor. Not top quality but does the job for the money. A quick warning to buyers in the USA however...WARNING: This monitor says it has auto NTSC/PAL switching but the NTSC mode did not work on this model. If your camera or other device supports PAL you must use this setting. If your device doesnt allow PAL output then this monitor will not work.REPEAT WARNING: If your camera or other device does not support PAL output this monitor may not work with your device.When I contacted the seller about the problem they replied that the monitor was working and that I perhaps needed a different camera device. So if you plug in your NTSC camera and get a white screen you will know that the monitor will not work with your device because the advertised auto-switching doesnt work and the seller will *not* refund or replace your not-as-advertised product.Youve been warned. Youre welcome.If you have PAL devices the monitor works fine. Have fun!
Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger (Electronics) I use vintage 1950s and 1960s single coil pickup guitars when I play out with my band. For years I have been plagued with bad hum problems when the club has bad wiring (most of them do). I was hesitant to buy this because of mixed reviews online. However I recently played a gig in a club where I had an AWFUL hum and I had to take a chance on it ASAP. I have used the Hum Debugger in a gig situation and I am happy to report that the product works. Please note: this product DOES change the sound slightly by removing the harmonics from the hum content. The "normal" switch removes only the "odd" harmonics-"strong" switch removes "odd" harmonics AND "even" harmonics. (Not truly sure what these terms mean but I can hear the difference.) What does your guitar sound like with this device? On normal it sounds pretty close to regular-you may notice the missing harmonics just a bit if you compare the on signal to the off signal. There may still be a very slight hum. On the strong setting if you compare closely the on & off signals you will notice a drop in volume and the sound will sound a bit "stripped" of tone and-to my ears-just a little bit wobbly. When I played my gig I opted for the "normal" setting with just a tiny bit of hum audible (actually I was quieter than my bands other guitar player) but with the better guitar tone and was very happy. In the future I will take the Hum Debugger to all my gigs and use it as needed. Do you need a Hum Debugger? If you use vintage single-coil pickup guitars and have experienced highly embarrassing hum at your shows I think that you do.
Kicker CVT124 12" Single 4 ohm Shallow-Mount CompVT S Kicker CVT124 12" Single 4 ohm Shallow-Mount CompVT Series Car Subwoofer (Electronics) I built a custom enclosed box for this sub with the specs provided on the Kicker app from itunes. I built a box to the minimum recommendations since this sub was purchased for my 2004 Silverado regular cab. I paired it with a Kicker zx 400.1 amp and it beats hard. This is an awesome product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants great bass in a tight space.