Pyramid RSW20500 20 Gauge 500 Feet Spool of High Quality S Pyramid RSW20500 20 Gauge 500 Feet Spool of High Quality Speaker Zip Wire (Electronics) I used this for led lights. worked great for me and if needed iI will buy again the wire I received was all copper through out not copper plated.
120๘ Heated Camera with 28 infra-red illuminators (RCA con
BOSS Audio CPBL2 2 Farad Capacitor BOSS Audio CPBL2 2 Farad Capacitor (Electronics) Quick shipping item was as described. Only problem was one of the new items were damaged inside the blister pack. But they still work and I didnt buy them for appearance.
BOSS Audio BV7HIR Mobile-Video Monitor 7-inch Screen Monit BOSS Audio BV7HIR Mobile-Video Monitor 7-inch Screen Monitor with Remote (Electronics) I have two of these monitors installed in my 03 Expedition and let me tell you they are worth every penny I paid for them. You can see them clearly from any position in the rear of the vehicle and there is flexibility with the three inputs that are offered. The third input is on the front of the monitor but Boss provides you with a cable so there will not be any extra incurred costs. One problem that I did find was that everywhere I looked the only dimensions provided were for the box that is shipped and not of the actual monitor so I am putting it in my review because I feel that is extremely valuable information for someone who will be installing these. The bezel size is 7.8" x 5.35" x 1.16" the actual monitor size is 6.06" x 3.39". I hope this little bit of information will be helpful to you. Another piece of advice would be to add a video amplifer if you are adding multiple monitors it isnt a big problem it would just help with the brightness which happens to be plenty bright. I am giving this five stars and it has earned every one of them. The dual channel ir is an extremely useful feature and you can use it with any aftermarket or factory wireless headphones. I used my factory ford headphones with no problem once so ever. I would highly recommend this monitor to anyone on the fence because of the name brand or price it is truly worth it. I was worried about the longetivity of the monitor until I read other reviews stating how long they have lasted for them I will post an update to inform you of how long these last but I have a feeling it will be a long time from now.
PIONEER DEHX3600UI CD Player with USB and Mixtrax PIONEER DEHX3600UI CD Player with USB and Mixtrax (Electronics) Im a fan of Pioneer products and this one did not disappoint. Sounds great and was easy to install with the separate kit.
Wildgame Innovations Moonshine Varmint Feeder Light Wildgame Innovations Moonshine Varmint Feeder Light (Sports) I purcased 2 units and solar panels. I read in other reviews that they had to be run thru their paces one time before using which I did. Then I mounted them on the varmit cage of the feeder with cable ties. The first night I noticed they spooked the deer less then when the feeder goes off. They were in PIR mode. After coming on and turning off the deer paid no more attention to them. This is with the red lenses. I never saw any pigs that night probably because I was sleeping. OOPS! I did get a hog the second night and the lights worked flawlessly. The next day I moved them to another feeder that the cameras were showing hogs of a little larger size. Both that night and the next the lights did what they were designed to do and I got hogs both nights. I like them in the PIR mode because it draws your attention when they come on. Where the deer are spooked a little at first the hogs never even flinched when the lighs came on. They will go off if the animals are on the fringe or standing still under the feeder. Only happened once with the hogs. I ended up having to leave the lease early because with